This time a contradiction to the No Topo concept, a kind of Topo Guide. I have hand made a booklet, in form of a sketchbook come scrapbook. This is for someone from England who loves cycling and does not know his way around in Vienna. He lives in the second district next to the Donau. The booklet shows some bike routes which are easily accessible from his flat. The design of the “guide” is purposely very analog, “touchy and feely” as contrast to the algorithmic world around us, that is becoming more and more dominant. (And it’s perfectionism boring).

What makes the difference from the usual maps, written descriptions, or GPS guides is that I have tried to put myself in the position of the cyclist when he,she approaches important junctions. I photographed the junction (with surrounding area) from the view of the rider. I also tried it with the “street view” from google earth, but that is mostly dissatisfactory because it puts the viewer too near to the object. In some cases I did use a 3D View though. I wanted to show a picture of how he,she actually sees the junction, (Not an abstract view of a map) and indicated the direction with an arrow.

I have shown a couple of examples of the concept in this posting. Don’t know if this form of “user manual” makes sense, but it’s worth a try!

Ein Gedanke zu “Landmarks

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